Titan Residential UVC



The Residential TITAN UVC LED air duct Fixture is the most powerful device in the market. At 25 watts, it emits 800mW (milliwatts) of radiant flux at 280nm (nanometer) wavelength. This makes the Titan UVC LED Residential air duct fixture a powerhouse for eradicating all indoor airborne pathogens such as COVID-19 virus, cold and flu virus fungi, mold, allergens bacteria, etc. in any residential building.

Compared to the old UVC lamp technology, the Titan UVC LED air duct fixtures are robust, energy-saving and environmentally friendly.

Other UVC lamps are fragile as they are made of glass and contain mercury which poses a health risk if the lamps break inside the duct; a break can contaminate the whole building with mercury which can be lethal.

Environmentally Friendly

Our Titan UVC LED air duct devices do not contain mercury or any other hazardous chemicals and are made with LED chips instead of glass; thus, eliminating the risk of mercury contamination.

The Titan UVC LED air duct fixtures are engineered for field serviceability with reusable ‘plug and play’ parts which makes it easy to service the Titan fixtures onsite. We use all aluminum and metal parts including aluminum circuit boards. Therefore, we can recycle and refurbish every part of the fixture. Unlike old lamp technology, there are no components from the Titan which ends up in a landfills and pollute the environment.


The Titan UVC LED air duct fixtures are easy to install safely inside air ducts. The innovative placement of these UVC LED fixtures inside the air return ducts eliminating potential human exposure to UVC radiation. The Titan is installed in the air return duct facing the air coming towards the it. So, the Titan starts to start eradicating the pathogens approaching it from 8 feet away. Please note, the Titan device can only be installed by a trained HVAC installer as UVC light can damage human tissue.


Utilizing NEXNORD’s patent pending technology, the Titan UVC LED air duct fixtures feature the lowest thermal resistances minimizing the core temperature of the UVC LEDs to ensure highest performance and long lifespan. The Titan UVC LED air duct devices utilize 280nm light wavelength which is 127% more effective than the lower UVC wavelengths.


We use the highest quality and the most advanced UVC LEDs for our Titans. With rugged design, and the right amount of calculated radiant flux, the Titan UVC LED Air Duct Light provides state of the art technology, and maintenance free long fixture lifespan. The Titans are also backed by rigorous suite of environmental and mechanical stress tests. These tests include mechanical shock, vibration, humidity, and temperature cycling.

Working principle

The Titan UVC LED Air Purification Device’s 280nm wavelength at 800mW of Radiant Flux is designed for smaller residential ducts and provides enough energy to break the carbon bonds of the indoor airborne pathogen’s RNA and DNA starting from 8 feet away as it is traveling through the return air duct towards the fixture. Therefore, all the pathogens are eradicated before they reach the Titan fixture.


The Residential Titan UVC LED AIR DUCT Device can be installed in any residential building with forced air HVAC system.