NEXNORD is LED fixture engineering, design, and manufacturing company specializing in high powered UVC LED Air Purification Systems for Air Ducts with the focus on design, quality, and durability.

NEXNORD’s Titan UVC LED Air Duct Devices are the most powerful UVC air purification systems. At 70 watts and 280 nm (nanometers) it emits 2200 mW (milli watts) of radiant flux which is powerful enough to eradicate all indoor airborne viruses (including COVID-19 virus), bacteria and all other microorganisms.


To disinfect indoor air

Titan UVC LED air duct devices are designed to be installed in the air intake section of any Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) system to eradicate all indoor airborne viruses, bacteria, and other microorganisms from inside of buildings so that safe, clean and disinfected air is then cooled or heated and circulated throughout the building.

To clean HVAC cooling coils

The Titan UVC LED air duct devices are also excellent for eradicating, cleaning, and disinfecting biofilm from commercial HVAC cooling coils to provide safe, clean, and disinfected air throughout the building.



– President, Advil Warehouse, Toronto

NEXNORD makes a great LED light, the instant on/off technology is amazing compared with our old lights and with the significant energy and maintenance savings over 7 years running now…it has to be one of our smartest business decisions.

– General Manager, Covent Garden Market, London

The market is harvesting some dramatic energy savings thanks to the installation of NEXNORD’s LED Bay Light and Office lights. Lighting costs have tumbled 84% in areas where the system was installed in April 2011 and air conditioning costs are also down because the light produces half as much heat.

– Plant Manager, Shell Oil

The NEXNORD LED lights work extremely well in our harsh environment, they make it is easier to read production documents and we have had reported less eye strain & higher employee productivity.

– Operator of London Aviation Hangar

We have tried many LED bay lights from the large lighting companies however this is the first product to provide the light levels that we need and at the correct color temperature to carry out detailed airplane maintenance.

– Chris Watt, Director of Facilities, Santa Clara University

Probably the easiest install we ever had, and the light coverage is outstanding!

– Maintenance Manager, Ford Motor Company

The light distribution from these LED bay lights is even better than the 400W Mercury Halides that we have.

– R. Irving, Maintenance Manager. Cargill Foods

Over 4 years ago we installed trial units from three different companies. Since then, we have re-lamped twice with different high bays from two of the companies. It is crazy but the APOLLO Series LED high bay lights by NEXNORD are still working. We will be buying only NEXNORD brand lights from here on.

– Rob Lampkin CEO Cool Earth Solar

The light quality is better than I have ever seen from an exit light. It is very clean, engineered to last, and optics matter!

– Tom Lombard Branch Manager, Gexpro Services: Pacific Division

At GexPro, 8 LED High Bay fixtures (from a large manufacturer) were installed in my warehouse and all of them have some issue that needs to be addressed and the fixtures are not even two years old yet! The rest of my warehouse is old T12’s, and I’m goingto retrofit these with a quality LED Bay Lights made by NEXNORD Lighting. Most of the components have a lifetime warranty, and if service is required it’s just plug and play.

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